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Pop Stars Didn’t Invent Gender Fluidity

In this op-ed, writer Jared Michael Lowe examines the recent phenomenon of today’s pop stars embracing gender-fluid fashion. Are we giving them too much credit for smashing gender norms?

Harry Styles in Gucci heeled boots. Jaden Smith in a Louis Vuitton womenswear skirt. Lil Uzi Vert clutching a pink Goyard bag. Zayn Malik stepping out in women’s blouses. Even Miley Cyrus who, earlier this year, opened up about her identity as non-binary, often remarks that some of her previous style choices have skewed towards masculine and super-femme.

Today’s pop stars are embracing gender fluidity, even in the face of visceral online ridicule, in a world where the topic of sexuality and non-binary acceptance bubbles.

Simultaneously, the conversation has veered into the world of fashion as more and more designers are developing genderless clothing.

Xinhua News Agency/Getty Images

In recent fashion collections, various designers showcased gender-fluid garments as models of varying sexes strode down runways. Designer Thom Browne had a fleet of male models grace the catwalk in grey pleated skirts with his signature tailored suit jackets. Vivienne Westwood displayed her latest collection of frocks on male models. Most notably and by far the most polarizing, Gucci’s creative head Alessandro Michele cross-pollinated the world of fashion, mixing his unique sense of thematic historical elements with today’s Snapchat-crazed aesthetic, rendering brightly-hued and largely ornate floral appliqués on men’s suit jackets, unisex pussybow blouses, and sundresses. Even Jay-Z, who famously wore a white tee and baggy jeans in his “Big Pimpin’” video from the late ’90s, has since displayed a different sense of style, stepping out in Michele for Gucci’s elaborately-decorated suit jackets.

Of course, this wasn’t always the case in the fashion industry. “In the beginning of my career, my agents wanted me to wear a white t-shirt and jeans and to show off my broad shoulders to appear masculine to casting directors,” says model and actor Shaun D Ross. Ross, who famously kissed Katy Perry in her music video for “E.T.”, has appeared in music videos for artists like Beyoncé and Lana Del Rey, and modeled for Alexander McQueen and Givenchy. “My agents would tell me that no one wants to book a visible gay man because the male in ads should appeal to women”. That heteronormative approach to fashion is slowly disseminating, with a more inclusive, gender-fluid ideology taking its place.

Model Shaun D Ross

Designers like 69 Worldwide, Toogood London, and Telfar Clemens are on the forefront of that major zeitgeist shift. Launched in 2005, Clemens’ eponymous label, Telfar started out — and has remained — genderless. In a recent fashion presentation that showcased the brand’s gender nonconforming philosophy, Telfar hosted a dinner where models, editors and judges from the Vogue CFDA Fashion Fund, of which he is a finalist, broke bread together. “If you saw our show, gender was the last thing on your mind — it’s the last thing on ours. For us, it’s successful when you didn’t even ask if someone was a man or a woman — not when it’s some provocative statement.”

Fashion, music, and celebrity culture have long had an interconnected marriage, one that has proved incredibly lucrative for all parties involved. It stands to reason that, as the fashion industry slowly shifts the tide to be more diverse, inclusive, and gender-fluid, celebrities would proudly start wearing garments that blur gender norms. But as they merely experiment with gender-fluid fashion — without actually standing on the front-lines of the gender-fluid movement — are we giving them too much credit for sparking change?

As refreshing as it is to see pop stars Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus, Jaden Smith, or Lil Uzi Vert gain notoriety for embracing gender-fluid fashion, they didn’t invent or reinvent the wheel. Gender fluidity has been around far longer than today’s current iteration of celebrities. From the days of ancient Egypt and Rome to pop music trailblazers like Patti Smith, David Bowie, and Prince, gender fluidity — when it comes to expression of personal style — is nothing new.

Furthermore, while the power of celebrity is undeniable, we should be cautious about positioning stars as the faces of gender-fluidity, simply because they’re famous. “I think that fashion is extremely political and that as a celebrity or anyone in the limelight, being hyper visible comes with great responsibility. Celebrities can help shape our understanding of identities, where’s it going and where we’ve been, to help us better understand,” says Gabrielle Royal, photographer and contributor for dapperQ, a queer style and empowerment website specifically for masculine-presenting women and transgender-identified individuals. “Yet, the way celebrities use fashion can be either helpful, or harmful, depending on their performances and the moves they make with their stylistic expressions.” Royal, who serves as Assistant Director of Employer and Alumni Relations at Columbia University, believes that there needs to be more continued dialogue around fluidity. “Perpetuating gender nonconforming stereotypes can be just as toxic and violent as more widely discussed stereotypes about other presentations.”

Gabrielle Royal, photographer and contributor for dapperQ

Outside the veil of celebrity, real issues persist. For many who are transgender, gender-fluid, and non-binary, their mere presence is a sign of resistance with how they engage the mainstream culture through what they wear, think, say, or do. Yet, while the way a person may dress can say a lot about their character, it shouldn’t encapsulate their entire identity or experience. By compressing the many nuances of gender fluidity into whether or not a pop star wears high heels, blouses, or tailored suits, it ascribes that gender identity is mutually exclusive to someone’s outward appearance; which it is not. Moreover, when gender identities are thought of as trends, or become pithy buzzwords tossed around while pop stars wear genderless clothing from high-end designers, it only further harms an already-marginalized community.

For many who embrace all facets of their gender fluidity, there’s a level of risk and even danger involved in the simple act of getting out of bed, dressing, and leaving out their house for the day. Unfortunately, many are still targeted by how they dress, look, walk, or speak. In addition to countless discriminatory acts one may face on any given day, many are subjected to harassment and even violence because of how they present themselves. This can cause a level of anxiety and sometimes the desire to placate to traditional binary standards just to appease the mainstream.

As millennials continue to lead the movement for self-expression and actualization and as personas associated with the movement surface, it’s important to present and highlight those making an impact in various communities and not just pop stars shilling the latest genderless designer duds.

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Whatever happened to the hard-partying celebrity?

It’s long past time we address a mass extinction event affecting the very core of our culture: the disappearance of hard-partying celebrity.

Gone are the days where these mythical creatures roamed the earth trashing hotel rooms, stumbling out of nightclubs and imbibing in four-day party benders dusted with powders and drowning in booze.

Their stories are essential texts in the gospel according to Us Weekly and TMZ. Rob Stewart was infamously banned for life by the Holiday Inn chain in 1976; The Who drummer Keith Moon once blew up a hotel toilet with explosives before taking a Lincoln Continental for a dip in the pool; and Johnny Depp got stuck with a $10,000 bill and felony charge for damages at NYC’s Mark Hotel after claiming a wayward armadillo popped out of the closet (said “armadillo” was never found).

Courtney Love, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Kate Moss have all been kicked out of their share of hotels, and Florence Welch managed to set a hotel room on fire after a night of partying with Kanye West. These celebrity-trashed spaces are now tourist attractions in their own right thanks to the legendary debauchery that occurred within their walls.

Courtney Love and Kimberly Stewart attend the Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson after party on August 7, 2005 in Culver City, California.

Mark Mainz/Getty Images

Reporters who covered the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) party beat a decade ago tell tales of sloshed A-listers teetering down Yorkville Avenue, Robert Downey, Jr. punching walls and crawling on all fours at the Sutton Place Hotel and LCBO inspectors crashing galas, sure they would find rampant marijuana use. Illegal after-hours bars were the place to be, and it wouldn’t be unusual for Woody Harrelson to share a joint with fellow partygoers.

Fast forward to TIFF in 2017. Illegal after-hours spots were replaced by sponsored hotspots funded by the likes of Nespresso, RBC, Audi and Grey Goose. The most hard-partying celebs are now the likes of 58-year-old Emma Thompson, who left her private table at the aforementioned RBC House to sing “Happy Birthday” to a producer and serve cake.

You’d barely recognize former party boy Colin Farrell, looking dapper in a perfectly tailored tux and spectacles, dining quietly in a corner with Nicole Kidman at Grey Goose’s Soho House takeover. Celebs don’t crash hotels; they let loose by donating their time and money to charitable causes, like Ben Stiller, Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Jackson Browne did at the annual Artist for Peace and Justice gala where they served guests dinner and bid on auction items. 

Today, a fun celebrity is one who stays at a party longer than 30 minutes and dares to venture outside their cordoned-off VIP corner. Entourages and groupies have been replaced by hard-nosed publicists and corporate suits. The hard-partying celeb – one of Hollywood’s most cherished archetypes – has been replaced with shadows of personalities determined to keep their noses squeaky clean.

Part of this can certainly be attributed to Hollywood rightfully separating themselves from the glamorization of addiction and drug use. Many of the most legendary party stories come courtesy of celebrities who later spent time in rehab or acknowledged a history of addiction. Too many infamous party animals have lost their lives to their bad habits. 

It’s no longer cool to look wasted; rather sobriety has become the trend of the moment. Blake Lively, Kendrick Lamar, Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes, Calvin Harris, Ben Affleck and Daniel Radcliffe are just some of the boldface names you won’t spot with a drink in their hands. The glamorization of sobriety is closely connected with other wellness trends, including yoga, juicing, clean eating and spiritual pursuits.

Kate Moss leaves the Givenchy after show party during Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 on March 6, 2011 in Paris.

Julien M. Hekimian/Getty Images

It’s also a reaction to substances like alcohol, marijuana and even harder drugs becoming part of culture rather than counter-culture. In a sense, it seems more rebellious not to imbibe at all than to drink until 4 a.m.

But, as with anything Hollywood touts en masse, we’d be remiss not to follow the money. Alcohol, tobacco and cannabis (in places where it’s legal) advertising is all highly regulated these days. Stars often make more money from endorsement and spokesperson deals than they do their actual films. There’s simply little to no money to be made by aligning with the brands that hawk these substances. Rather, being a lifestyle guru in the vein of Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba and Blake Lively is where the big bucks are. Diet and detox programs, juice brands, athleisure lines, supplement routines and fit teas pay out millions of dollars a year to influencers.

The trend also coincides with a rise in neo-puritanism in North America, which favours sobriety, censorship, unforgiving political correctness and nanny-state alcohol and drug policies (look to Ontario’s recent pot legalization proposals as a prime example). The problem with this growing culture of righteousness, moral policing and fear of contamination is that it’s a hotbed for partisanship, anxiety, conflict and even radicalism. Celebrities, as a result, are increasingly burdened with unrealistic moral expectations that come with their own set of mental health issues and burnout.   

The growing preference for “pure” celebrities (and the outrage when stars like Taylor Swift fall short of perfection) combined with the constant Big Brother presence of social media results in stars appearing more accessible while actually becoming more reclusive. Tweets and Instagram videos replace actual interaction with fans, journalists and the real world. As a result, previously sociable celebrities now hide behind velvet ropes, security guards and publicists at parties lest they be contaminated by anything resembling fun.

In reality, Hollywood hasn’t changed all that much. The vices of choice might be different, but the underlying issues remain. Unfortunately, today’s addictions, posing as virtuous wellness routines and clean lifestyles, may be just as dangerous as those of yesteryear. Scientists, nutritionists and medical experts say a lot of the wellness products being advertised today are akin to snake oil, placebos if not actively harmful to one’s health. Orthorexia, a form of disordered eating when one becomes obsessed with being “clean,” is a rising form of addiction that is potentially much more damaging to mental and physical health than indulging in a few cocktails.

Many celebrities have simply traded in promoting one vein of addictive lifestyle for another rather than truly becoming more moderate or responsible in their choices and those they encourage fans to share in. At least the more traditional vices never pretended to be anything more than the catalyst for a wild night out.

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Nine celebrity brides who broke traditional trends and stood out from the crowd

It takes a lot of guts to do something different to the norm.

Especially when it comes to your wedding attire. Having the perfect outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks, confident and happy is so important for your big day.

For many people they find the most beautiful traditional white gown, but for others that just isn’t their style. But not wearing a traditional gown for your wedding day doesn’t make you any less a bride (which is often a point of criticism would you believe).

Wearing what you love is so much more important. Whether it be a power suit, a cutaway dress, a two piece or something with a pop of colour. Different is equally as beautiful.

And so, we have decided to highlight the top nine celebrity wedding dresses that are different, unique and equally as WOW to the traditional gúna.

1. Jessica Biel

Jessica certainly turned heads when she arrived to her wedding in a dusty pink masterpiece by Giambattista Valli. Speaking to Elle she said: “I wanted the dress to be very romantic and feminine and a shape that I very rarely wear. I have never been crazy about all-white wedding dresses, for me at least.”

2. Amal Alamuddin

When human rights barrister Amal Alamuddin married her Oscar-winning fiancé George Clooney, all we could think was WOW. At their civil ceremony, Amal opted for a cream Stella McCarthy trouser suit and she looked impeccable.

3. Anne Hathaway

This Valentino creation is so beautiful and elegant, it is everything we expected from Anne. With a tinge of pink towards the end and a wrap-around headpiece and veil. It is different and chic but with traditional roots.

4. Dita Von Teese

One to never follow trends is Ms. Dita Von Teese. And rightly so, as she rocks her own style proud and loud. When it came to her wedding dress, this was no different. Dita opted for an original royal purple silk taffeta gown by quirky designer Vivienne Westwood.

6. Whitney Port

Always a trend setter, Whitney Port’s wedding dress was no different. This dress led to an array of cutaway wedding dresses appearing the following year and we can see why. It is BEAUTIFUL.

7. Poppy Delevinge

Renewing her vows in utter style. Sister to model, Cara Delevinge, Poppy looked all types of boho-chic in this Emilio Pucci wonder. We love it.

8. Dianna Agron

Known to many as Quinn Fabrey on Glee. When Dianna tied the knot to Mumford and Sons’ Winston Marshall, her nude Valentino creation was so divine, we can’t stop staring at it.

9. Keira Knightly

Like many celebs, actress Keira Knightly opted for Chanel to celebrate the big day in. However unlike many Chanel wedding dresses, this one was short, pink and not specially made. Since the wedding, the star has been seen wearing the wedding dress to many red carpet events making it not just gorgeous but practical too.

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Victoria Beckham took the sheer shirt trend and (literally) made it her own

<br /> Victoria Beckham took the sheer shirt trend and (literally) made it her own

David M Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

Victoria Beckham knows a thing or two about adding some spice to her wardrobe, and it seems she’s found just the du jour item to do so: a sheer shirt. And whew, do we love Beckham’s sophisticated take on this otherwise sexy trend.

For her latest look out in London, Victoria slipped on a sheer baby-blue collared button-down blouse from her own eponymous line. The poplin-trimmed mesh shirt looks more like a pastel work of art than a mere top, which would explain its hefty $706 price tag. A tiered navy chiffon skirt provided a pop of personality for the look, adding swanky movement and a salsa-like flair. If it looks at all familiar to you, then you probably recognize it from the runway of VB’s latest Spring 2018 show at New York Fashion Week.

Victoria Beckham Halloween Costumes
Photo by Neil Mockford/GC Images

An oxblood square cross-body satchel bag and slouched boots in the same shade added a poised contrast to the blue-on-blue look. And in true Posh fashion, Victoria finished the look with a pair of oversized shades and her classic smileless smirk.


Victoria Beckham Halloween Costumes
Photo by Neil Mockford/GC Images

If you keep tabs on celebrity trends with laser focus (us!), then you’re well aware of the huge splash sheer ensembles have made both on the red carpet and on the street. And while “sheer” can quickly translate into “naked,” VB managed to put a truly ladylike twist on the sultry fabric. After all, this is the Victoria Beckham, singer-turned-high-end-fashion-designer extraordinaire. If she can’t tackle a daunting style challenge, then no one can.

Fashionistas will also note that Mrs. Beckham is wearing head-to-toe Victoria Beckham, all from her latest collection. Which is, of course, a genius move, as VB never fails to be her own best advertisement. Keep the stellar looks coming, lady!


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Not Another Salon Calls Out the Problem With Instagram Hair Trends

Let’s be real, an “Instagram versus reality” dichotomy exists. Take that rainbow latte all over your feed that actually tastes like sugary spit, for example, or that couple who looks all lovey dove-y in romantic vacation photos even though they’re constantly fighting. The same applies to the rainbow hair trends we see popping up on Instagram on the daily. From our phone screens, all the hues look incredibly vibrant and are completed in seconds, thanks to hyper-lapse videos. If you ask Sophia Hilton, the owner of Not Another Salon in London, everything is not what it seems, and that seriously needs to change.

In a recent Instagram post, Hilton wrote an open letter to her clients about what the “colour pandemic” she believes is happening. She started it off by saying, “Have you felt frustrated after seeing hundreds of images flooding your social media of beautiful immaculate colours, yet somehow your hairdresser can’t achieve it? Maybe you have seen celebrity transformations or hairdressers online performing ‘miracle’ dark to light colour changes? You’re looking for the same results, and rightly so. After all, the results of other people’s hair is everywhere, why can’t it be you?”

Hilton went on to explain that these images are often edited and lead to unrealistic expectations. That’s right: All those bold hues don’t seem like they would exist in nature because they truly don’t. Many pictures are retouched and have the saturation levels adjusted. This concern has come up in the past with the viral jellyfish hair. Witchita, Kansas–based hairstylist Amber Unruh was accused of photoshopping her hair color posts. In reality, she just used a blacklight to make the neon pink hair glow brighter.

Another problem Hilton brought up is the sped-up hair transformation videos all over Instagram. They often discount the fact that coloring appointments can take up a whole day. Some times clients even need to come in for multiple sessions. However, you can’t tell that in a less-than-minute video. As a result, Hilton says the “colour pandemic” is causing pro colorists to lose confidence in themselves because they can’t deliver.

In a second post, Hilton explained that many of the bright hair trends on Instagram are not actually created with the client’s best interest in mind either. Instead, some colorists are only thinking about the likes they’re going to get. “Countless amounts of these colors are completely unmaintainable, have no future options for change, or cause damage,” she explained.

One specific event didn’t inspire Hilton to post her open letter. There wasn’t a straw that broke the camel’s back. Instead, she was just tired of the struggles she has been facing on a daily basis. Hilton says that up to 50 percent of clients she sees on any given day come in with doctored hair inspiration pictures from Instagram, and she has to tell them the truth behind them. “A client will bring in a picture of ice blonde hair when they have a strong dark color build up on their hair,” Hilton tells Allure. “The realities are that it would take months to a year to get what they are looking for, but they believe it’s possible because they have seen it on social media.”

Hilton believes she’s not the only one who feels this way. “Not only am I coming up against those challenges every day, myself within the salon, but I also run a color academy across the U.K. and five countries across the world,” she explains. “Everywhere I see the same issues: hairdressers struggling to keep their heads above water.” She’s not wrong. Her Instagram posts have been re-grammed by countless stylists. Seattle-based stylist Kylie Butler is one of them.

“I reposted Not Another Salon’s message because I feel like many clients don’t always understand the amount of time and the effort, even the science behind such a large transformation, and it’s our job as stylists to inform them and to educate them about the process,” Butler tells Allure. She agrees with Hilton that social media has driven her clients’ desire for impractical dye jobs, too.

Another issue that Butler points out is her clients come in requesting that she use specific bond builders touted by other stylists on Instagram. “They see these images online thinking that they can be taken to platinum in one session, and in their mind, it is this magical product that is going to get them there,” Butler explains. “That, unfortunately, isn’t always possible.”

Los Angeles hair stylist Guy Tang brought this problem up in a past interview with Allure, as well. “Oftentimes people rush to get these colors,” he said, “Clients are impatient and hurry their stylist.” He went on to compare coloring hair bold shades to cooking. “If you want a roast beef sandwich, you have to slow roast that beef first. You can’t just put it in the microwave.”

The most unexpected part of Hilton’s open letter is its source. If you scroll through Not Another Salon’s Instagram, you can see that it’s filled with pictures of hair of every color of the rainbow. These posts seem no different than the next salon that offers colorful hair services. Regarding these looks, Hilton says, “We won’t create looks that won’t wash well or do any service we believe is going to damage the hair long term.” Plus, you’ll notice that the caption list the story behind each elaborate look. They talk about just how long it took to achieve the vibrant tones, rather than positioning it as being super simple.

By speaking out, Hilton says she hopes more stylists will feel empowered to raise their voices on the subject, too. “I’d like to see more salons educating their clients as often as possible across social media,” she says. “I believe we have the power to create enough content to change this and teach clients about the realities of what is going on.” As one of the most followed salons in the U.K., Hilton believes Not Another Salon has the power to influence others in the industry and start a conversation.

“We have promised to keep educating our clients at every opportunity and encourage other to do the same,” Hilton says. “We can change this, one image at a time.”

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5 things we’ve learned from London Fashion Week for spring/summer 2018

Some of the hottest and most relevant trends are spotted on the front row at London Fashion Week of course and these are the clothes that the movers and shakers in fashion are wearing right now.

So to give you a balanced view, we’re sharing our tips on what’s hot right now and what will be big next season. The way, you can be prepared for spring/summer 2018 as the trends hit the high street.

Ready? Here’s what we learned, ON and OFF the runway…

1. We’ll be prepared for a wash-out

Burberry, Mary Kantrantzou, Anya Hindmarch

It seems us Brits have finally accepted that our seasons consist mostly of rain and not a lot else. With this in mind, Mary Katrantzou, Anya Hindmarch and Burberry have all sent models down their runway donning the humble anorak. Who knew that such a practical necessary item could become such a fashion must-have? We aren’t complaining, catch us next time there’s a wash-out looking super cool and keeping dry in our on trend waterproofs, result!

2. Transitional season layering in style

Laura Bailey layers up at LFW

It’s that time of year when the weather never knows whether it’s coming or going, and consequently neither does our wardrobe. We’ve been taking some transitional styling tips from street style gals, who know that layering is crucial. This year, it’s all about layering midi skirts and dresses with ankle boots, knits, and long tailored coats. Even Naomi Campbell has joined in on this must-have style.

3. Statement cuffs are back AGAIN

Christopher Kane and Roksanda

Clearly, we aren’t ready for the return of the bog-standard sleeve, as statement cuffs featured once again at LFW. Seen on shows such as Christopher Kane and Roksanda, if it’s not oversized or frilled, we’re not interested. This ever-lasting trend is super wearable too, as it livens up your humble jersey tee, fine knit, or evening blouse.

4. Sequins return, and they’re not just for Christmas

JW Anderson, Preen and Molly Goddard

I mean, we all wear a sequin number at some point over the Christmas season, but London’s Spring Summer 2018 fashion week taught us that sequins don’t have to be saved exclusively for festivities. We’ve seen bright blue tones over at JW Anderson, paired as power separates at Molly Goddard, and in shoe form at Preen by Thornton Bregazzi, the sequin is a must have style.

5. The Queen is next season’s fashion icon

Erdem and Simone Rocha

Her Royal Highness has become our latest style inspiration, with runway shows such as Erderm and Simone Rocha showcasing luxe finishes and fabrics, all inspired by their new muse, Queen Elizabeth II. We saw white long gloves, high neck blouses and dresses in pastel tones, Victorian-esque sleeves and delicate floral patterns. Long live Her Maj!

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How the CDC uses Google, AI, and even Twitter to forecast flu outbreaks – Digital Trends

Digital Trends

How the CDC uses Google, AI, and even Twitter to forecast flu outbreaks
Digital Trends
They’re taking information from Google Trends, statistics regarding how many people access the organization’s online resources pertaining to the flu, and Wikipedia access logs. They’re even starting to take tweets about the flu into account, … “If

and more »

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Paris Fashion Week 2017 preview: What trends, designers and shows to watch out for

Paris Fashion Week marks the climactic conclusion to a frenzied Fashion Month.

It will host some of the most highly-anticipated collections of the season, including Dior, Valentino, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen and of course, Chanel.

Every show is a showstopper, with each playing a vital role in dictating which trends will permeate the high street in months to come.

So, what can eager fashion fans expect from the week-long affair, which kicks off on Monday with fashion editor-favourite Jacquemus?


Chanel AW17 (Getty)

If the New York, London and Milan collections are anything to go by, expect a sartorial smorgasbord consiting of nostalgic prints, political defiance, and hoards of celebrity offspring, peppered with the elevated sense of grandeur that never fails to distinguish the Parisian shows from their predecessors. 

One of the most hotly-anticipated shows this season will be Chloé, who announced that Natacha Ramsay Levi would take the reigns following Clare Weight Keller’s migration to Givenchy in March. 

This will be her first collection for the French house, which she joined from Louis Vuitton.

Her minimalist-meets-androgynous approach is set to inject a vibrant edge into the bohemian Chloé aesthetic.

London Fashion Week 2017: Street Style

For more on what trends, models and famous faces you can expect to percolate the Paris shows, read on, my fashionista friends.

The Trends

If the New York, London and Milan catwalks were anything to go by, the beloved shade-du-jour, millennial pink, isn’t going away any time soon.

From fuchsia silks at Roksanda and dusty ruffles at Erdem to peachy hues at Mary Katrantzou and Molly Goddard, prepare for a season of rose-tinted love.


Roksanda SS18 (Getty)

Glitter fiends will be delighted to hear that lashings of Studio 54 sequins slid their way into a number of collections this season.

Inaugurated at Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs with glitter-drenched gowns and iridescent sleeves, the trend was fully cemented into the sartorial sphere by none other than Gucci, who revived the globular tack variation by employing it on sweatshirts in a collection inspired by Elton John – Alessandro Michele seldom shies away from the demure. 


Gucci SS18 (Getty)

With a perennial preference for all things sparkly (remember those silver boots?) expect to see this sparkling trend championed in by Saint Laurent.

Romance is making a catwalk comeback too, and we’re not talking the “boy-meets-girl” romcom narrative kind that perpetuates a Richard Curtis film.

Think wallpaper florals at Prada and tulle skirting at Temperley London, set to epitomise modern elegance by accentuating and flattering the feminine form.


Saint Laurent AW17 (Getty)

The Frow

The Paris shows always boast the starriest of frow-ers.

From the Kardashian clan migrating from Bel Air to Balmain, to the French cool-girls like Caroline de Maigret frequenting the frow at Isabel Marant and Commes Des Garcons (whose distinctive aesthetic was deemed so monumental that it set the entire theme for last year’s Met Gala).


Sienna Miller and Kate Moss sitting in the front row at Dior AW17 (Getty)

Dior tends to boast the most A-listers, with Rihanna, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Karlie Kloss all making a stylish appearance last year.

However, fashion’s recent changing of the guards will bring a whole new host of faces to the front row, mostly thanks to the appointment of Edward Enninful, who succeeded Alexandra Shulman as editor of British Vogue in July. 

Expect to see him sitting catwalk-side along with BFF – and Vogue‘s contributing editor – Naomi Campbell, and Venetia Scott, his newly appointed fashion director.

The Models

Expect to see catwalk regulars like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Adwoa Aboa marking their fashion month finales on the Parisian runways.

Last season saw all three walking for the galactic-themed Chanel show, and it’s likely they’ll reappear this season.

One model who fans are hoping will make her Chanel debut is Kaia Gerber, daughter to none other than modelling maveerick Cindy Crawford.


Kaia Gerber walking for Marc Jacobs SS18 (Getty)

16-year-old Gerber made her fashion week debut in New York at Calvin Klein, and has been making waves ever since with appearances in practically every major show on the fashion line up including Marc Jacobs, Burberry and Fendi. 

It’s very likely that she’ll walk for Chanel, given that her Fendi appearance means she’s clearly got creative director Karl Lagerfield’s seal of approval. 

We wouldn’t be surprised if she sashayed down the Dior runway either. 


Ah, fashion’s very own Achilles heel.

Critics have praised this season’s shows for featuring models of all races, ages and even genders this season (men, women and transgender models have braced the catwalks so far) and one can hope that this will transcend to Paris.

However, one thing that few brands have yet to fully embraced is the concept of body diversity.

Plus size models are still rarely cast in major shows, something that US Vogue editor Anna Wintour finds particularly problematic on British designers, who she believes fully subscribe to the idea that the “cool girl” is still very much also “the thin girl,” as she explains in the above clip.

Is Paris likely to subvert this concept?

They might, given that luxury French retail giants LVMH and Kering recently banned size zero (UK size four) models from appearing on the catwalks.

Here’s hoping that Saint Laurent, Dior and Louis Vuitton – all owned by the fashion powerhouses – will lead the way in diverse representation this season.

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Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2017

Naturally, we’re happier than kids in a (Halloween) candy store. At POPSUGAR, we don’t take Halloween lightly; we start burning Autumn-scented candles as soon as the first leaf changes, taste-test pumpkin spice snacks in the middle of Summer, and begin our horror movie marathons immediately after Labor Day. For some people, it’s a holiday — for us, it’s a freakin’ lifestyle.

When our editors are on the ground covering fan events like Comic-Con and WonderCon, they’re observing the latest cosplay trends with Halloween on the brain. Meanwhile, we’re always making note of cultural conversations unfolding on the internet and looking at them through a Halloween lens: would this meme make a good costume? Is that celebrity moment perfect Halloween inspiration? The day-to-day stories that get us talking are often some of the best costume fodder come Oct. 31, so we’ve always got an eye out for the next big thing.

Using our editors’ passion for Halloween, we’ve created a master list of the top 10 costumes for 2017. You can expect to see these ocostumes everywhere this October, but don’t worry: we’ve also got the scoop on how to execute them like nobody else.

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Plastic surgery trend has people requesting to look like Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump is inspiring people to go under the knife.

Jacquelyn Martin/ AP

The INSIDER Summary:

  • A New York plastic surgeon revealed that the newest plastic surgery trend is “the Ivanka look.”
  • The surgeon reports that people are requesting surgeries like cheek implants to look more like Ivanka Trump.
  • The look can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000, according to the surgeon.
  • The next most requested look is inspired by Kylie Jenner.

Americans spent $8 million on plastic surgery in 2016 and had more surgeries in 2016 than any other country. Now, the President’s eldest daughter Ivanka Trump is inspiring plastic surgery trends.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe revealed to The New York Post’s Page Six that since the 2016 primaries, women have been requesting “the Ivanka look” which he describes as, “widened cheekbones, a slender nose, and large eyes.”

It costs anywhere between $30,000 and $50,000 to get the look, according to Dr. Rowe. Depending on your price range, the procedures can include Botox, cheek implants, and rhinoplasty, the medical term for a nose job.

Dr. Rowe said that he now works with about four patients a month who are inspired by the 35-year-old first daughter. The only “rival” celebrity impacting people’s plastic surgery decisions would be Kylie Jenner, Dr. Rowe revealed, saying she is one of the “most sought-after celebrity faces.”

Some women are getting botox, cheek implants, and nose jobs to look like the 35 year old.
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about people wanting to get surgery to look like Ivanka. In an episode of E!’s “Botched,” one woman claimed that she had 13 plastic surgeries to look like Ivanka Trump. she said that she had the surgeries over the course of only one year.

Ivanka Trump’s physical features are something people may want to copy, but her fashion sense and clothing are not: Her eponymous fashion line was dropped by Nordstrom this year and people petitioned Macy’s to do the same.

Although celebrities may inspire cosmetic trends, some indulge in surgeries of their own. Actress Courteney Cox, has spoken out about regretting her surgery and “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Tamra Judge has shared her entire procedural experience with the public.

Any surgery should be taken seriously, especially when it comes to your health.

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Inside Hollywood’s Search for Spirituality

If you’re anything like me, you’re more likely to try something if a celebrity already does it. They eat an energy bar, you might try it. A star Instagrams they can’t live without that ginseng-infused tea, you pinch your nose and sip it up to get abs like them.

Whether we admit it or not, celebrities wield influence over our lives. But one of the latest trends they’re embracing, and inspiring many also to try, involves something you can’t buy on a website: God.

Oprah Winfrey has teamed with spiritualist Deepak Chopra to teach the masses meditation.

Justin Bieber canceled his concert tour so he could focus on his spiritual life with pastors Judah Smith and Carl Lentz.

Tom Cruise and other stars have famously embraced Scientology.

Hordes of celebs such as Tori Spelling, Kendra Wilkinson, Snooki and Carmen Electra have had psychic medium Tyler Henry channel dead people for them on his hit reality series.

Gwyneth Paltrow has long touted the spiritual benefits of yoga.

Kris Jenner and Mel Gibson have helped found churches.

Inspired by this spirit quest occurring in and around my place of work for the last twenty years as a Hollywood journalist, I recently dedicated myself to exploring celebrity spirituality.

And my conclusion is that amid all the apparent narcissistic worship of self, the rich and famous and beautiful who appear daily on E! News are soul-seeking in a way that not only runs deeper than the headlines suggest, but that also reveals that, despite their materialistic spoils, they are spiritually hungry human beings just like many of us—but with a high-profile twist.

One of my first stops on my search for God brought me to one of the pre-eminent gurus to the stars, Deepak Chopra, who taught me a form of mantra meditation that he has also taught Kim Kardashian, Michael Jackson, 50 Cent, Jim Carrey, Demi Moore, Madonna and Oprah.

Deepak offers his theory as to why so many celebs are “tortured souls” and what drives many to seek spiritual peace:

“In general, I find celebrities insecure and narcissistic,” Deepak told me in an interview at his center in Carlsbad, California. “As someone said, the ultimate selfie-taker was Narcissus. And now technology has made this level of narcissism possible for everyone—and celebrities may be at the top of the list. But at the same time, I think that if they weren’t narcissistic and insecure they wouldn’t be successful. But the problem is that their insecurity drives them—until they burn out. And inevitably, they do. And that leads to addictions and all kinds of things and problems. They begin to believe in their own press. They take themselves too seriously, and if they don’t get the same attention they’re used to getting they start feeling insecure and use all these escapes because they literally burn themselves out. So it’s a kind of a contradiction and a paradox. The more successful they are, the more insecure they get because they are only as good as their last movie, last show, their last song, and if the next one doesn’t do as well, they think they are a failure. It’s their whole identity. So, frankly, I feel sorry for them.”


Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for A+E

Deepak, who earlier this year released his eighty-sixth book, You Are the Universe, shares with E! News his observations on some of his star students:

Madonna: “Not only does she meditate, but she’s a very good yogi and a disciplined practitioner of yoga. She exercises. She watches her diet. She’s unusual. She’s very disciplined. “

50 Cent: “He’s off and on. But he did have a profound experience so…”

Oprah: “I’ve known Oprah for over twenty years. Originally, I was introduced to her by Michael Jackson of all people and she’s traveled with me in India and we’ve done a lot of shows together. She has the ability to reach the everyday person and she’s very authentic and doesn’t pretend to be what she’s not.”

Kim and Kanye: “They were here, in my office. They are really visionaries.”

Ken Baker, The Ken Commandments

Convergent Books

Kim and Kanye’s spiritual exploration has also taken them to the Christian house of worship Kris Jenner founded nine years ago, with Pastor Brad Johnson, near her home called California Community Church.

“She has a passion for God,” Johnson tells E! News. “What people presume about Kris sometimes doesn’t include that, but to those of us who know her, she has this precious spiritual side and certainly she has a passion for the church and passion for her faith as well.”

Johnson, who officiated Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom‘s 2009 wedding, says that faith is something very real to all the family members and most attend regularly.

“All the kids they were raised with a sense of spirituality and God in their life,” he says. “[The late] Robert Kardashian was a very devoted man of faith and I know that had a lot of influence on the older girls and Kris’ faith does carry through the entire family.”

As a minister to some of the most famous people on the planet, Johnson has had a front-row seat to the unique challenges celebrities face.

“Hollywood gets this slam of being so secular and God’s not a part of it,” Johnson tells E! News. “And in your own journey in your own book you found out that’s absolutely not true and God is very present in this place and he’s very present in the journey of celebrities as well. I think it’s a very exciting place to be a minister. I think it’s a very exciting place to explore faith and I think celebrities absolutely are some of the keenest spiritual seekers I know.”

For more on my journey, pick up my new book, The Ken Commandments: My Search for God in Hollywood.

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