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The Best Blunt Haircut Ideas Spotted on Celebrities

Celebrity trends have a funny way about them. As much as celebrities are “just like us,” it’s not like they’re all part of a group text and collectively decide, you know, we’re really feeling blunt cuts these days (at least, we don’t think so—Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin, maybe). Instead, it usually comes from the pros, those experts at the top of their game who show up in so many famous Instagrams they become bold names themselves. Take Jen Atkin, Chad Wood, and Justine Marjan, the trio almost singlehandedly responsible for the blunt-cut trend sweeping Hollywood. Intrigued by what makes this look so great, we went straight to the source.

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Fall Brunette Hair Color Ideas 2017

From rich chestnut to smoky chocolate, there’s a whole range of hair color options for those who prefer brunette looks. Whether you’re interested in a slight change or something drastic, you’re bound to find inspiration from a bevy of brown-haired celebrities.

To help highlight the hottest dark hair shades of the moment and determine which color works best for your complexion, we consulted a few celebrity hair pros. Not only did they dish on current trends, but they also detailed how to achieve these colors so that your stylist can more easily re-create the look — just for you!

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12 Best Celebrity Straight Hair Ideas

In case you’ve been trapped at the bottom of a well for the entirety of 2017 without access to internet or social media (in which case, hi, we’re so glad you’ve been rescued), we feel the need to let you know that the early ’00s beauty trends are back—namely, with stick-straight hair.

Sure, the flat-ironed cuts of your middle school days have been kept alive for the last decade thanks to celebs like the Kardashians and Jennifer Aniston, but only in recent months have the pin-straight, center-parted, just-ran-a-literal-iron-over-my-hair look of the early aughts been gaining momentum on the red carpet.

Which means that by next week, your best friend, your Uber driver, and your co-worker Janice in accounting will all be breaking out their straighteners and going to town on their bumps and waves. And to get you inspired to (re)try the trend as an adult, we present to you 12 celebrities who are killing the straight-hair look of the season.

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