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Gwen Flamberg named VP Beauty & Style for AMI Celebrity Group, and Executive Editor, Beauty & Style for Us Weekly – Talking New MediaTalking New Media

Prior to her new role at AMI, Flamberg held roles at Ladies’ Home Journal, Woman’s Day, and Fitness, before joining Us Weekly in 2008

NEW YORK, NY — September 20, 2017 — American Media, Inc. (AMI) today announced the promotion of Gwen Flamberg to Vice President Beauty & Style for the AMI Celebrity Group as well as Executive Editor, Beauty & Style for Us Weekly. Flamberg previously served as Beauty Director of Us Weekly, she will report to AMI Chairman and CEO David J. Pecker.

“Gwen not only represents the amazing depth of talent that was key to our acquisition of Us Weekly but also the passion and commitment that underscores how this brand will continue to grow and flourish in the coming months,” said Mr. Pecker. “Her comprehensive industry knowledge and her insights and impact on beauty and style trends is an extraordinary asset that can continue to be leveraged to the benefit of our brands’ passionate audiences in this new role.”

Flamberg will oversee the beauty and style coverage for AMI’s celebrity titles including Us Weekly, Star, and OK! across all platforms.

“I’m thrilled to step up to a role that allows me to create the most engaging content for readers who share my voracious appetite for celebrity trends,” said Flamberg.  “I couldn’t be more excited to tap into each brand’s unique DNA, delivering stories where readers live 24/7, continuing to enhance AMI’s standing as the go-to source for all things celebrity beauty and style.”

In addition to directing the beauty and style coverage of Us Weekly across all platforms as the brand’s Beauty Director, Flamberg has established herself as one of the most sought after industry insiders offering commentary on The Today Show, E! News, Extra, Bloomberg News, CNN Showbiz Tonight, Good Morning America, The Insider, Access Hollywood among other national outlets.

Prior to her new role at AMI, Flamberg developed her standing as one of the beauty and style industry’s leading influencers through roles at Ladies’ Home Journal, Woman’s Day, and Fitness before joining Us Weekly in 2008.

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Talking with Celebrity Stylist Fatima B.

After two years of assisting, Fatima’s network grew—“I just had a lot of plugs,” she admits, humbly referring to her subsequent clients, which included Tyga and Christina Milian. She worked as a fashion editor for the now defunct hip-hop magazines Black Beat and Right On!, the latter of which affording her six pages of editorial freedom to style and direct to her heart’s content. Like most young creatives, she leveraged that freedom—despite little to no pay—to her advantage and grew her roster of celebrity clients. “The fact that I don’t have any patience is what kept me moving forward in my career,” says Fatima. Connecting the dots from editorial to personal styling eventually led to her securing work with Nicki Minaj and Wiz Khalifa.

Of all of the different types of styling that Fatima has done over the past 10 years, working with musicians has become her most fervent passion as well as a never ending challenge, one that requires her to think outside of the box and to constantly adapt. “For editorial, you can move off of trends and what’s hot right now,” says Fatima. “But with an artist, they could feel one way this week and another way the next week. It’s about figuring out where that person is in their life and bringing that to life for them.” As far as communicating her vision to clients, Fatima knows that it takes a little faith and a lot of effort to constantly win them over with her creative prowess. In her line of work, one has to be unorthodox, unflinching, and unclassifiable to meet the ever-changing minds of a high profile client. “The finesse has to be strong,” she says.

For Fatima, learning to trust her own creative intuition has evolved into a life-long pursuit. “There have been times when you’re sitting in the room and you may [doubt] your own work. Like, ‘I don’t know if this is hot, maybe I’m [messing] up here.’”

One of the most public examples of this uncertainty came to Fatima in 2012, when she styled the cover of Wiz Khalifa’s O.N.I.F.C. album. Her daring creative direction placed the then-emerging rapper in fitted striped trousers, a dalmatian printed fur coat and little else. In a year that was full of thick gold chains, prints piled on prints, bucket hats, and way too much leather, Khalifa’s look was an outlier, more akin to the stylings of Kurt Cobain or Lenny Kravitz than 2 Chainz and Rick Ross. It was a big change for Khalifa, as he went from rolling papers, camo shorts, and Chuck Taylors to a chest-baring, rock-inspired look that sent the blogosphere into a tizzy and left Fatima trending on Twitter for two days as the culprit. “I was leaving the club one night, and [then] all of a sudden my Twitter feed [was] going off on how horrible of a stylist I [was].”

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