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The YouTube makeup trend Kim Kardashian is so done with

If I could go back in time and tell my younger self anything, it would be to put down the Barry M Dazzle Dust, throw away those Urban Decay glitter liners and more importantly leave my god damn eyebrows alone.

Looking back through old photos of yourself is enough to make anyone cringe, even someone like Kim Kardashian who takes more pictures than the £5 photo booth in Sainsbury’s.

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But just like us, Kimmy has her fair share of beauty regrets, as she shared in a post on her website.

“Throughout the years, I’ve tried a lot of beauty trends. It’s fun to look back at the old glam I used to do – a lot of contour, really baked under eye and long lashes. Now, I tend to stick to a monochromatic nude look. I like to keep things simple but I still love to change it up every now and then, so I can try new products.”

Ever the over-sharer (never change Kim), she went on to reveal some of her most embarrassing makeup looks and it turns out that there’s one trend in particular that Kim is so over with.

“Mario and I used to do really heavy baking. Back in 2009 or 2010, having a super light under-eye was the thing to do and I absolutely loved it at the time. But looking back, sometimes i looked a little crazy – especially with the camera flashes.”

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Kim Kardashian 2009

Kim Kardashian 2010


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Yes dear readers, I’m afraid it might be time to retire your beauty blenders because every YouTube beauty guru’s favourite trick has officially been declared dead by Kim Kardashian.

Baking is a technique stolen from drag queens, where you apply a large amount of loose powder under your eyes and over your concealer. The concealer is then left to ‘cook’ for anywhere from 5-20 minutes before the excess is dusted away.

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But if Kimmy aka the queen of contour is declaring baking dead then maybe it really is time to give the loose powder a break.

Kim Kardashian baking


Now….who wants to break the news to Patrick Starrr?

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Joan Smalls Proves Denim Liner Will Be a Major Fall Trend

When Sir John and Joan Smalls get together, beautiful makeup is almost guaranteed. 

The supermodel’s face made for the perfect canvas for the makeup artist and L’Oréal spokesperson, who also works with Beyoncé, Karlie Kloss, Gabrielle Union and Ashley Graham. Recently, the American Beauty Star mentor painted blue liner on Joan’s top and bottom lids, titling his work, “Denim Liner.” As we’re prepping our denim wardrobe for fall, this makeup trend came at the perfect time. 

The pigment, matched to the model’s I’m-not-even-trying-and-I’m-still-killin’-it stare, would make anyone pause their timeline scroll. Her eyes pop. Her face is flawless yet appears natural. Her pink lips support the rest of her look with ease. It’s perfect for every occasion, thus making it the trend to watch as summer comes to a close. 

This is definitely not the first time that we’ve been wooed by blue makeup. We started obsessing after Kim Kardashian wore light blue liner on her waterline during fall of 2015. Then, we learned how to create an epic look with blue makeup in fall 2016. We called it one of our favorite trends of spring 2016. We continued our love into March of this year, when we figured it out how to wear blue liner to work—sounds like an obsession, right? It’s clear that although the trend isn’t new, per se, it has a funny way of making us fall in love continuously. 

Take our word for it: You need blue liner in your makeup bag. You will use it over and over again. That’s a promise. If you’ve been missing out on the trend that keeps on giving, check out the best blue makeup products below! 

No matter you’re eye color, it’s clear that this trend will be around for awhile. 

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Kim Kardashian Rocks the Clear Shoe Trend

Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner

Kim Kardashian steps out in NYC.


Kim Kardashian stepped out today looking like she pulled on Kanye’s suit jacket over workout wear and then slipped into a pair of clear mules.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star was spotted out in Bel Air visiting a friend’s house sporting a navy oversized suit jacket with a bandeau top and blue cropped high-waisted leggings. To complete the look, the mom of two wore clear heels and minimal gold jewelry.

This isn’t the first time Kim has stepped out in an avant garde ensemble. The week prior, after returning home from a trip to New York, the social media maven was photographed wearing a similar get-up while picking up takeout from Stanley’s in Los Angeles.

Want more?

Kim Kardashian’s Athletic Look Got a Major Upgrade With These Luxe Yeezy Croc Booties

Kim Kardashian’s Athletic Look Got a Major Upgrade With These Luxe Yeezy Croc Booties

Kim Kardashian West Does the Braless Trend in Sparkly Sandals While Out With Kendall Jenner in NYC

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Rihanna, Rooney Mara, and Bella Hadid: Sunglasses on Red Carpet Trend

First came the tube tops, then logo-mania, and now sunglasses on the red carpet? Looks like the so-bad-they’re-good trends of the noughties aren’t slowing down anytime soon. The latter look hit a fever pitch when Rihanna—perhaps the most early-‘00s-inclined celebrity—sported a pair of those micro Matrix-like sunglasses on the red carpet back in May at the Cannes Film Festival. The sci-fi-meets-Cinderella get-up recalled none other than vampire-slaying early aughts princess Sarah Michelle Gellar, who wore a pair of teeny shades to go with her gown at the 1998 Emmy Awards.

Rooney Mara has also dabbled with the look, sporting a pair of shades at the Cannes Film Festival to go with her white frock, as has Bella Hadid, who donned space age-revival sunnies atop her sheer gown at the Dior Exhibition a few weeks ago. Though, the trend’s patron saint might be Susan Sarandon: Not only did she sport sunglasses at Cannes this year, but she’s been favoring the formula since as far back as 1996, when she paired simple sunglasses with a bronze gown on the Oscars red carpet. See how to the get the tried-and-true look here.

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Is Digital Self-Promotion Our New Normal, Or A Passing Trend?

Trends—social media trends most of all—create the illusion that they exist in the present.

Consider three facts about social media trends. First, something obvious: their known existence depends hugely on their relevance. Second, and less obviously, their relevance is highly contingent upon the difficulty of determining their staying power. Third, social media trends gain power, and not just relevance, when we give up trying to figure out how much to care about them. We let social media function like a market that ascribes an interest value to us, fuels trends accordingly, and adjusts our interest value in the trends on a rolling basis.

One potentially irritating example of how this works: the trend of digital self-promotion that combines livestreaming, editing vlogging, and multi-platform promotion. The goal is to leverage a performance-art version of everyday life, varying sometimes shot-to-shot and take-to-take in its degrees of authenticity, creating a form of celebrity that’s codependent on life online and off.

Naturally the New York Times is on it—a clue to the nagging indeterminacy of the trend’s location in time. A recent report profiles “a small but growing number of entrepreneurs who have turned their lives into do-it-yourself reality shows. They pay videographers, editors and producers thousands of dollars a month to shadow them and create content for their social media platforms. They ‘star’ as part motivational speaker, part life coach, as they dispense advice and speak enthusiastically about the hustle. They are earnest to a fault; you’ll find no melodrama here (or even much drama). But people are watching, sometimes in the hundreds of thousands.”

We Can’t Determine The Lasting Relevance Of Today’s Trends

What is so irritating about this? It’s obvious that this new generation of “stars” would include personally irritating people—opportunists, fools, ingrates, hucksters, caricatures, and so on. But it’s also apparent that fairly normal and pleasant people, or winsomely weird born performers, could also merrily exploit the trend to informative and entertaining effect. Some stars, the Times observes, genuinely want to serve as role models, not just for would-be superstars but for “people [who want] to see that you can have a wife and kids, and work out, and stay healthy and manage a business. You can pull it off.” Managing the whirlwind of everyday life is a bona fide accomplishment. Why wouldn’t you want reinforcement from people who have turned at least semi-pro at whirlwind management?

You can watch the trend work its seductive, deconstructive magic: it’s hard to say exactly how much, for instance, you’d want your own children or other family members getting involved, or why you’d draw the line where you would, or what right you’d have to do so, or how hard we all ought to argue about what might be the best way to cut into this whole matrix of potential problems and uncertainty.

And because it’s a trend, its power over us grows precisely because we have no way of forming reliable working assumptions about whether it’s a fad, it’s a niche, it’s an ordeal which will pass in a decade or so, or it’s the new normal. We become passive, perhaps helpless, unable to establish the trend’s position. Does it exist in the immediate moment? The short-term present? The endlessly unfolding future? Or, as is sometimes the case with trends the Times is on, does it really inhabit the quickly receding past? We don’t know. We don’t get to know. And we don’t get to decide.

We Should All Strive To Escape The Trendpocalypse

This uncanny loss of agency is not exactly a brand-new creation of the social internet. Fashions and trends and movements have always implicitly posed similar predicaments. But social media is accelerating and multiplying them. It is one thing to feel a twinge of anxiety about where you and your progeny might stand vis-à-vis the Oneida Community or Disco. It’s another to be basically plunged into a sea of content where your relationship to barrage after barrage of lifestyle options is continually renegotiated—or not—on the fly.

We can respond in several ways to this sometimes exciting but probably often draining experience. One, we can simply surrender to the borg of trends. Two, we can try to take charge and forge our own trend. Three, we can try to quarantine ourselves from the trends and hope for the best, crossing our fingers against the possibility that one day we will open the door and the trends, zombie-like, will have closed in around us, ready to claim their next (or final) victim. Fourth, we can dedicate part of our lives to keeping trends at bay, inspecting the ones that penetrate into our world on a wary and ad hoc basis.

But probably the least exhausting option is to occupy ourselves with pursuits and habits and commitments and convictions that are not trends and have built-in protections against trendification. This way, we will not only be too busy being fruitful to get sucked into the grind of parsing trends (something, after all, that AI might get really good at doing for us): we’ll also level up the skills and abilities that will enable us to withstand, and maybe even escape, a zombie trendpocalypse.

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Israelis take a bite out of bagel donuts, America’s latest food trend – Food

One of the latest food trends to hit the internet are bagel donuts, by and large a donut with savory flavored bagel fillings like cream cheese and lox, sprinkled with everything spice.

The fusion isn’t as strange as some people may think, as fried savory breads appear in many cultures. Here in Israel, Tunisian Jews make a sandwich called a fricassee, a fried roll with fillings such as tuna, preserved lemon and sliced potato. Central Europeans have their own fried flatbread, called langos. 

Israelis try bagel donuts, the internet’s latest food fusion trend, for the first time at Haaretz.

Even within American pop culture, the idea of combining donuts with savory fillings isn’t new – celebrity chef Paula Deen famously sandwiched a bacon cheeseburger between two sugar-glazed donuts. 

The American bakeries making the current wave of bagel donuts were inspired by a Portugese donut known as a malasada, called a sufganiya in Israel – a hanukkah jelly donut. The donuts our taste-testers tried are essentially mildly sweet sufganiyot filled with cream cheese, chive and lox. Let’s see what they think.


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Photos Of Upside Down Makeup Prove It’s A Much Easier Trend To Master Than You Think

There are tons of different celebrity makeup trends out there. Every time another A-lister walks the red carpet, there’s another product to buy or makeup look to try. Thankfully, this one is easier than ever. The upside-down eye look is the latest celebrity trend to try. Ready for the best part? You already have everything you need in your makeup bag. Here’s everything you need to know to nail the look, according to a professional makeup artist.

You know when you’re in a hurry and accidentally smudge out your lower lash line too much? Well, it just became the newest trend. As you might’ve already guessed, the upside down trend focusses on the lower lash line instead of the top. Whether you’re looking to add some color or smoke out your everyday shadow, this trend is all about being bold.

“The upside down makeup trend is a new take on the ‘reverse smokey eye’ or ‘drop eyeshadow.’ Instead of the focus being on the lid and crease of the eye, a pop of color is concentrated on the lower lash line,” says Kelli J. Bartlett, Glamsquad Director of Artistry. “This creates an unexpected, yet chic look, perfect for experimenting with color.”

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It turns out that it’s pretty easy to recreate too. According to Bartlett, all you have to do is line your inner and lower lash line and smudge the lower lash line with a brush. To increase the colors, add a little bit of shadow to the brush and layer the product on the lash line to lock in the color. It’s that simple!

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The best part about this trend is that you can easily use high-end of drugstore makeup. Not to mention it looks great with just about every single color. Celebrities love wearing blue, but you could easily tailor the trend to any color that makes your eyes pop the most. Heck, you could even switch it up to make it work for every season.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There’s nothing better than a makeup trend that you can nail with items that you already have in your makeup bag. If only all beauty trends were this simple!

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Witchy fashion is 2017’s most exciting, subversive trend

Somewhere in between Lana Del Rey casting hexes on President Trump and Khloe Kardashian hawking zodiac sweatshirts on Instagram, pop culture reached peak witch.

In anticipation of 2017, multipletrend forecasting firms predicted that mystical trends — those tapping into fantasy, witchcraft and New Age spirituality — would define the year in fashion. That’s certainly been true on the runway, with dramatic capes and black lace seen time and again in the couture shows in Paris earlier this month; and among the gangofyoung femalecelebrities who worship at the altar of witchy icon Stevie Nicks. 

But supernatural style isn’t one singular aesthetic. As the female-run media site The Establishmentnotes, there are many archetypes of the modern witch, including “goth witches in black maxi dresses and capes, Wiccan girls in flowy boho looks with handfuls of rings and jarred herbs, sea witches with mermaid hair and tattered shipwreck looks, prairie witches in calico dresses magicking tumbleweeds across the dirt, (and) pink-haired mall witches in anime buns and belly shirts.”

All of which is to say — witchy style isn’t one singular aesthetic. But Ruby Warrington, author of Material Girl, Mystical World: The Now Age Guide to a High-Vibe Life, identified the important role social media plays in defining and spreading the trend.

“Crystals are particularly popular, as they’re so Instagram-friendly, as are the new breed of highly aesthetic evolved tarot decks,” she told USA TODAY. “I also think the neo-feminist slogan t-shirt trend plays into this, (like) the ‘Up With Witches‘ and ‘Patriarchy R.I.P.‘ tees from Modern Women Projects, ‘The Future is Female‘ by Otherwild, and word artist Amber Ibarreche‘s ‘I Only (Expletive) With Goddesses.'”

Nicks has long been witchy fashion’s high priestess, her paranormal obsessions extending from her music to her gauzy gowns, black lace, piles of jewelry and dramatic hats. The ’90s cult horror movie The Craft is another touchpoint, with its teen witches cloaked in a grunge-inspired wardrobes of studded chokers, black lipstick, dark florals and evil-schoolgirl uniforms. 

But Warrington identified a new generation of fashion icons embodying what she calls the “Now Age,” a modern update of ’70s New Age aesthetics.

“Florence Welch is the first who comes to mind, often as dressed by Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, whose recent catwalk collections have all featured super witchy motifs,” she said. “Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters is a total witch, and one of the women behind WAFT — Witches Against Fascist Totalitarianism — an activist group whose first fundraiser was a witch and wizard-themed fancy dress party. Grimes, Willow Smith, FKA Twigs…there are so many diverse women channeling the spirit of the Now Age with their look.”

Other vaguely-witchy celebs include the Haim sisters, who own matching moon-shaped pendants gifted to them by Nicks, and Lorde, who’s joked that she’s “basically a witch” wearing black lipstick, floor-length cloaks and head-to-toe lace onstage. And then there’s Del Rey, who recently admitted to casting spells against Trump, hinting at the political underpinnings of the trend.


Beyond a fashion statement, there’s a reason why witchcraft’s current moment is happening during a tumultuous time in American politics. When the trend forecasting group J. Walter Thompson named “unreality” as the fashion trend to watch in 2017, they wrote that the mystical aesthetic particularly appeals to “millennials struggling to make sense of their place in the world.” Similarly, the forecasters K Hole identified how young people feel like they “need magic” more than ever, craving “a way to create change through processes that you can’t entirely understand.”

And for women who feel their rights are being threatened by the current administration, channeling the supernatural can seem particularly empowering. “Now Age practices such as witchcraft, astrology, and the tarot are tools for helping us stay connected to an authentic sense of self, and to our own intuition. Vital and empowering in this era of ‘alternative facts,'” Warrington said, pointing out that witchcraft and New Age practices are both “rooted in community.”

And in a world that feels out of control, wearing healing crystals around your neck or sporting a witchy-feminist t-shirt can provide a certain kind of comfort. But in a pop culture climate of wannabe witches, Warrington stressed the importance of making the trend your own.

“Dressing a certain way can help signal your Now Age sensibilities to others, while choosing a crystal or other talisman to wear can be a personal reminder of your intentions,” she said. “But once you begin to awaken your inner witch, it also becomes clear that blindly following trends or copying what some celebrity is wearing is just another way of suppressing our own authentic self-expression.”


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Star-Studded Tribeca Building Defies Trend by Raising Prices

A luxury condo and magnet for celebrity buyers in Tribeca has upped the prices of its few remaining units—even as price cuts dominate the rest of New York City’s luxury market.

Developer Nathan Berman, founder of Metro Loft Management, has taken an old brick book bindery at 443 Greenwich St., gutted the interior, converted an industrial courtyard into a secret garden and turned the basement into an ultra-private parking facility.

More: Downtown Manhattan Building Puts Privacy First

Sales in the building began at the end of 2014. Now the sales team is in the final stretch with seven units available, all of which got 2%-5% price increases on Tuesday, taking advantage of recent buzz over the project.

The building has attracted a flurry of media attention as condos sold one after another to A-list celebrities, including the likes of comedic actress Rebel Wilson, One Direction singer Harry Styles, actor Jake Gyllenhaal, star couple Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, and actress Jennifer Lawrence, among others.

The most expensive unit, a five-bedroom penthouse with its own splash pool and rooftop terrace, saw its price jump $3 million on Tuesday. The listing price for the penthouse has increased 14% since it first hit the market at the end of 2014, and it’s now selling for $58 million, according to listing records.

We’ve had steady traffic all this year since right before Jan. 1 and a lot of sales,” said Richard Cantor, whose brokerage Cantor-Pecorella leads the development’s sales and marketing. “We felt given that and now that we’ve been named the ‘It’ building and the No. 1 condo, a modest price increase was proper.”

The building, which already boasts a trendy location and industrial, landmarked facade, has been dubbed “paparazzi proof” thanks to a number of uncommon features. The building has a parking garage and subterranean lobby manned 24/7 by a valet. VIP elevators ensure residents never need to ride with their neighbors; and bedrooms are built around a quiet, private courtyard.

Still, the price increases in the building defy trends in Manhattan’s luxury market. In the second quarter of this year, steep price cuts typified high-end sales as owners finally got serious about unloading homes that have been on the market for many months, sometimes years, according to a report from Douglas Elliman and appraisal firm Miller Samuel.

“Listing discounts began rising in the last quarter which means that luxury sellers are becoming more realistic with pricing,” wrote Jonathan Miller, author of the market report and chief executive at Miller Samuel. The average luxury home in Manhattan sold at a 10.4% discount, according to that report.

More: Read About the Luxury Manhattan Market on Mansion Global

But these days 443 Greenwich is looking buck the market.

In addition to the penthouse, smaller units in the building that have yet to sell got price increases on Tuesday ranging from $150,000 to $250,000. Developers have increased the price of a second-floor four-bedroom unit 10% since it came on the market last year. It’s now selling for $13.4 million. Another unit has seen its price leap 7% since coming to the market.

Of course, raising asking prices doesn’t always pan out to loftier sales. For example, Rebel Wilson reportedly paid $2.95 million, or $1 million less than the asking price, for her two-bedroom pad at 443 Greenwich.

Mitchell Wasser, director of leasing and marketing for Metro Loft, attributed the building’s attraction to its design: “I’ve always said this, we don’t consider ourselves like any of the cookie-cutter type of buildings that are out there.”

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8 reasons why Rihanna is a trend setter and the fashions she keeps going back to

Rihanna burst into our lives in 2005 with her first single Pon De Replay and we have been crushing on her ever since.

Barbados-born RiRi, 28, has had our attention for quite some time. When she keeps churning out hits like Umbrella and Work, which are permanently stuck in our heads, along with her ever changing style, she shows no signs of fading.

As well as her ever-changing hair dos, her style has come a long way too. The days of bra tops and baggy jeans and head-to-toe black leather have gone. Like or loathe her style, she always has her eye on the trends and can push boundaries and carry it off with ease.

Rhianna clad in black

Rihanna has had four collections with River Island that coincided with her 777 tour. She also has her own collection with Puma – Fenty X Puma.

Rihanna walks the runway during the FENTY x PUMA by Rihanna show as a part of Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week

Throughout her fashion reign she has had lots of different looks, but here are some key trends that she keeps going back to.

1. All white

Rihanna attends Dior Show RTW S/S 2017 in Paris, France September 27,2016
Rihanna showing off her shoulders at Dior SS17

A more of a softer side to her dressing, Rihannna loves a bit of angelic white. Attending the Dior show in 2016, she made this girlie hue look sexier by opting for a plunging neck line and open shoulders.

2. Make a statement

Rihanna at the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards
Rihanna got everyone talking at the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards

Rihanna wearing heart fur
Kendall Jenner even copied RiRi

Two iconic looks from RiRi, the 1920s-inspired bejewelled dress that revealed almost everything and the heart coat. Both looks are so different and both would be unwearable for us mere mortals. However, Rihanna carries them off in style.

3. Boy meets girl

Rihanna out and about in New York wearing frilly sleeves

Rihanna attends the British Fashion Awards at London Coliseum
Rihanna attends the British Fashion Awards at London Coliseum

Rihanna has the ability to make oversized and ‘scruffy’ ooze sex appeal. Like her boyfriend jeans, with a pair of heels and an off-the-shoulder shirt. And then the tuxedo jacket with nothing underneath with barely-there tights and jewellery. We bow at her never ending legs.

4. Layering up

RiRi still thrilled us in 2011

On two occasions at the Grammy Awards she has stood out the most among all the other celebrities in 2011 and 2015. In layers and layers of fabric and sugary shades, she still looks stunning and manages to pull off these fairytale gowns.

Read More

Celeb style files

5. Simple glamour

Gorgeous in red at the Grammys

In a plunging LBD

When she’s not showing up to award shows in layers of tulle, RiRi’s red carpet style can be quite minimal. Showing off her bod, sure, but still she doesn’t over=accessorise or wear stacks of jewellery. Simple, yet effective, it works for her.

6. Head-to-toe denim

Rihanna at The Nice Guy club in West Hollywood, California
Rihanna out clubbing in Hollywood

Rihanna and Drake were seen leaving Tape club partying together for the 4th night in a row in London
Partying in London

Whether it’s one piece or head-to-toe, Rihanna is a huge fan of denim. For most dressed down occasions, she opts for a jean fabric of some sort, be it a dress or skirt or y’know, the whole hog. Much like herself, denim is a trend that will never go away.

7. Gucci girl

Rihanna steps out in head to toe Gucci during a night out in New York City
Rihanna steps out in head to toe Gucci during a night out in New York City

Rihanna was spotted leaving Roc Nation Headquarters in NYC, after 4 hours of meetings on Tuesday
Work it, Rihanna

On more than two occasions Rihanna has favoured Gucci, and in particularly their signature green colour. Both of these styles are hard to pull off, but she carries it off with enough conviction to make them look amazing.

8. Sexy in silk

Rihanna arrives at the Stella McCartney Autumn/Winter 2012 presentation during London Fashion Week
Rihanna arrives at the Stella McCartney AW12 show

2014 Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala
Rihanna slayed in this golden number

Often Rihanna slips into something more comfortable and more silky. This sultry fabric suits her down to a tee, fresh, playful and of course- sexy!

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Colored Sunglasses Celebrity Fashion Trend Best Styles

Colored sunglass lenses, however, have escalated from the sweet ’70s throwback involving a tint of rose gold or a Wes Anderson-inspired mustard couch. Now, you’ll find everything from pastel purple rounded frames to sage green aviators. (In case you’re still harboring feelings for the colored lenses of our past, though — square-lensed in an ice cream-ready shade with a bedazzled shape in the corner — they’re still very much available). But if you’re in the market for a more subtle (read: modern) take on the trend, step ahead (or back in time) for some of our top picks.

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Bravo TV New Digital Series Trend Testers

Will that Freddy-Krueger-style mask make your skin glow like J-Lo’s? Can anyone who’s not Bella Hadid pull off a glitter lip? And, do I really have time for a ten-step skincare routine? If you find yourself pondering these deep beauty questions and more, you’re not alone.

At Bravo HQ, we have an insatiable curiosity when it comes to new, celebrity-approved beauty trends—and we’re on a mission to try each one of them. Want to join us? Then check back here every Tuesday. 

Our new digital series “Trend Testers” is set to launch this summer. Each Tuesday, we’ll show you what happens when we use ourselves as guinea pigs to try out the most dubious beauty crazes. Prepare yourself for some laughs—and excellent beauty hacks—along the way. And to get a sneak peek at the series, check out the teaser above. 

See you back here soon for skincare tips and more! 

The Lookbook is Bravo’s home for inspiring content and experiences that feed fashionistas with a steady diet of share-worthy styles, personalities, and industry news. Like us on Facebook to stay connected to our daily updates. 

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